Safein ICO review | Safein is a decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform

Decentralized single sign-on blockchain based biological community for your character and installments

Get access to websites with a single click


Safein allows users to sign up and log in to new websites with one click. Forget tedious registrations and lost passwords. With your approval, we’ll deliver your data to new websites for you.

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User Data Protection :

Safein’s design is worked in a way that takes care of a large portion of these issues consequently. In the first place, as required by late advancements in the EU, our clients will dependably be given a full and clear data on what individual information is being passed on to significant sites. No such exchange might occur without clear assent of the client. Besides, once the client consents to give her particular information to a shipper on the principal login, the trader will have the capacity to get to this information on our stage whenever before this relationship is ended by the client. Likewise, such dealer will have little motivations to store this data all alone server and in this manner have the capacity to essentially diminish his and his client’s presentation to hacking tasks and information robbery (and in addition spare some use identified with counter measures to such dangers).

Control your data:

A progressive method to pay on the web. Safein enables clients to join and sign in to new sites with a single tick. With Safein, you’re generally responsible for what sites think about you. You can login online secretly, or just offer information the site truly needs. A solitary snap will deny their entrance for all time. On our web board and portable application, you’ll see your whole movement history, including enlistments, logins and installments.

Pay with fiat or cryptowith zero efforts:

Once signed in with Safein, you’re likewise ready to make installments without giving any additional data. Store your cash in conventional money or any crypto, and Safein will naturally change over and convey supports in the trader’s favored way. Since each installment prepared is inside the limits of Safein, they’re momentary, secure and modest.

Troubles of online commerce  The Safein solution:

  • Separate account for each website            >>  Single account for any website
  • Repeated account verification                    >>  One-off ID verification to cover all sites
  • High processing fees                                       >>  Low cost or free for token holders
  • Fraud and chargeback risk                           >>  Risk-free payments
  • Excessive personal data mining                 >>  Full control of your personal data

Safein Rating :



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Token Model

Having a solitary record for all that you do online is just splendid, however it requires huge scale. Creating Safein is the same as endeavoring to take care of the chicken and egg issue – you require a great deal of clients to draw in shippers, and the other way around. Without vendors you can’t procure new clients. Safein will use its tokens to develop its client base and secure shippers. Utilization of the Safein stage will remunerate the two clients and vendors for utilizing imaginative installments and character administration arrangements made by our group.

ICO funds :

 Developing cryptocurrency wallet and payments functionality

• Obtaining the Electronic Money Institution licence

• Launching fiat deposits and merchant payments in EUR, GBP, USD

• Acquiring first 500 mid- to large-scale merchants

• Administrative, operational and staffing expenditures for 2 year

Safein token features:

• 100% free payments for merchants who possess Safein tokens

• Monthly cashbacks for users paying with Safein tokens

• Login Pool to incentivize Safein use among users and websites

• Registration Pool to reward new users

• Referral Pool to grow user base rapidly



Token SFN
Ethereum Platform
Type ERC20
PreICO 1 ETH = 12,000 SFN
Price at ICO 1 ETH = 7,000 – 9,000 SFN
Tokens for sale 300,000,000
Min. 0.1 ETH investment
Receive ETH
Distributed in ICO 30%
Soft cap 6000 ETH
Hard cap 40.000 ETH

SFN is the only official token of the project. The total number of released token is 1 billion (1,000,000,000 SFN) and no more tokens will be issued. Safein token is used for any kind of transaction in our platform. Customers can do their shopping by using SFN token and merchants can get their payments via the token system and both of them will be compensated as per their functionality.

The team allocated the most part – 32,25% – of the total number for 2 stages of sale (322,5 million).




The Safein Registration Pool is to be distributed among 5,000,000 users of Safein that are
first to complete full account verification after the launch of Registration Pool. The Registration
Pool shall be distributed in “decreasing reward” fashion following this model:


Vendors utilizing Safein will have the capacity to lessen their exchange expenses by holding SFN tokens. Each SFN token held qualifies an a dealer for process a particular measure of installments per month with no commission charges. The underlying multiplier, directly after installments dispatch, will be 10, i.e. each SFN token will give shipper a chance to get 10 SFN tokens worth of installments with no commission that month. The multiplier will step by step diminish inside 5 years beginning from the date when the installments are propelled.

For example, right after the payment functionality launch, if merchant has 10,000 SFN tokens, he will be able to receive 100,000 SFN worth (at market price) of payments for his goods or services with no commission fee in any currency each month. After he receives 100,000 SFN, or equivalent amount in other currency, that month, he will be charged a standard 1% commission fee for the remaining part of the month. Doing some simple math shows that, if a merchant buys $1,000 worth of SFN tokens during the ICO and the token price doesn’t change, that will save him $1,140 of Safein commission per year (1% commission on total transaction volume) and more than $2,000 yearly compared to other payment service providers charging commission and fees more than twice as large as Safein.
Accordingly, this should allow us to incentivize merchants to promote payments with SFN tokens even more, as this would allow them to store the tokens received from customers and minimize their commision fees further.

Safein Team

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Thus the ico project info from Safein, which is the best ico project is also an ico, tokens, cryptocurrency, altcoin from blockchain ethereum er20 technology. This article is made based on personal views, related to investing it would be good to do the analysis first. Each type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and good not the concept. For more information please visit their official website below:


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