MoviToken (MOVI) is a project managed by Southern Meridian, LLC. MoviToken is an ERC20 + VERIFIED community cryptocurrency for the global independent film community. MoviToken is registered in the Parity Registry under their 3-letter acronym (or TLA) “MOV”. The MoviToken project was created by 13 year film veteran Christopher Compton, who’s recent feature film Strait & Narrow is currently being released globally on DVD and VOD.


MoviToken is a community cryptocurrency that’s purpose is making the days of “low/no pay” and “deferred” agreements within the film community, a thing of the past. Producers can pay talent and crew with MoviTokens, where fiat cash is limited or non-existent, essentially financing movies on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cast/Crew can later exchange MoviTokens for Ethereum (ETH), then to USD, BTC, or other altcoin, token or fiat currency by utilizing various exchanges and dApps that interact with the Ethereum blockchain. MoviToken is a blockchain tradeable complementary currency that’s intended purpose is to be utilized within the independent film community for the purpose of film, TV, web series, documentary, et al., productions. MoviToken can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, any fiat currency in the world where such use of a complementary currency is legal.

The Future of Indie Film :

Producers can pay talent and crew with MoviTokens. Essentially financing movies on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cast/Crew can later exchange MoviTokens for Ethereum (ETH), then to USD, BTC, or other altcoin or token.

Community Currency :

MoviToken is a community cryptocurrency making the days of “low/no pay” and “deferred” agreements a thing of the past. With MoviToken, everyone gets paid! Producers can then use cash for equipment, expendables, etc.

MoviToken Guarantee :

MoviToken was created by indie movie producers to fill a gap in the indie film world – a financing gap. The MoviToken smart-contract, deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, is immutable. It cannot be “killed”



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The Future of MoviToken :

MoviToken is a community currency for the independent film community and
as such must be easily exchangeable to promote adoption within the
The following shall not be interpreted as a complete MoviToken roadmap:
Q2 2018
– MoviToken will partner with Bancor for continuous liquidity. This alone can promote trust and use within the indie film community.
– The first production studio to adopt the use of MoviToken will be announced.
Q3 2018
– The first feature film to be produced with MoviToken will be announced.
– MoviToken will partner with a crowdfunding platform to assist filmmakers with raising funds for their projects.
-Production to begin on the first MoviToken funded feature film. (late Q3)
Q4 2018
– By Q4 2018, MoviToken should be listed on more than 1 major exchange and incorporated by several dApps. MoviToken is currently working on becoming listed by Komodo’s BarterDEX and ETHlend’s Lending Platform.
– Release of the first MoviToken funded feature film.
– Southern Meridian, LLC will publically release the first of several case studies on the use of MoviToken to produce a motion picture. Data and findings will be provided by an independent research firm. (The exact date is highly
dependent upon distribution schedule.)

MoviToken Smart Contract:   ETHERSCAN.IO

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Review :

Securing finances to produce a feature film, TV pilot, web series, a profound documentary, an award winning short film, is getting increasingly difficult. MoviToken aims to revolutionize this process, for every filmmaker, by bringing a continuously liquid alternative currency to the table. MoviToken can enable new faces and names to succeed in a very centralized, closed industry. Where cash is absent, MoviToken can cultivate stronger content, providing distributors and viewers with better, higher quality options, because talented people can finally be granted an opportunity.

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