GLITZKOIN isn’t simply one more blockchain, our group involves experts from the precious stone industry also, specialists from the specialized field identified with blockchains and digital currencies. There are various partners in the precious stone industry, beginning with the mining organizations and including jewel polishers, affirmation specialists, retail merchants and purchasers. By expediting every one of these partners to a similar stage, we encourage the simplicity and effectiveness of satisfying exchanges. Our appropriateness blockchain has protection alternatives arranged particularly for the precious stone industry. We guarantee straightforwardness by expanding on both, open and private blockchains in order to accomplish a mixture specialized model. This joins the best of the two universes; high security of people in general blockchain is combined with permissioned
controls in private blockchains, this enable us to better serve the business.

This doc plots a dream of the GLITZKOIN for the jewel division. GLITZKOIN scan for to assemble a square chain based open framework for the precious stone business where finish the arrangement in jewels can be facilitated and led. GLITZKOIN is an overall startup which utilizes the finest of rising innovation including propelled square chain, brilliant understandings and gadget figuring out how to aid the abatement of hazard and trick for banks, safety net providers and open market in the precious stone and important stone business. They give an entire biological system to the precious stone business from a conveyance tie answer for confirmation and following of jewels and in conclusion a decentralized substitute for a considerable measure of jewels and connected administrations.

Jewels are the whole about excitement, sparkle, and status, they speak to extravagant and riches. Arrangements inside the jewel bargain are created by singular contact, the occasions concerned endeavor to survey each other and push forward to the venture way of. It is appropriately expressed that it’s finest to worth the jewel merchant before esteeming his precious stones. Also, even subsequent to making utilization of in a general sense the most fastidious examination, there is sufficient range for misguided judgments and mystery. GLITZKOIN venture has been started to supply clearness and ease to the precious stone arrangement. It incorporates the standard precious stone manage the most developed decentralized web worth biological community. Appraisals and Evaluations will now not be finished by hunches and surmises.

GLITZKOIN Projects tries to update the precious stone arrangement by lessening limitations, developing coordination, and imparting confidence in cross-outskirt bargains for the DIAMOND business.


ICO details:
• Token: GLT
• Bonus: yes
• Cost: one GLT equal 0.2 USD
• Platform: steller
• Bounty: yes
• Accepting: ETH, XLM and BTC
• Min investment: one Hundred USD
• Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
• Soft cap: 1
• 10,000,000 USD
• White list /

Giltzkoin Token Distribution :

Token Sale – 25% ( 245 ml token )
Market Making – 20% (200 ml token )
Company – 35% ( 354 ml token )
Community – 20% ( 200 ml token )
Total Token – 999 ml

Token Price :
Tier Number 1 – 35 ml token price $ 0.12 total amount $ 4,200,000
Tier Number 2 – 40 ml token price $ 0.14 total amount $ 5,600,000
Tier Number 3 – 50 ml token price $ 0.16 total amount $ 8,000,000 ( Running )
Tier Number 4 – 120 ml token price $ 0.20 total amount $ 24,000,000

If you buy you will get bonus

Tier Number 1 – buy $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 – bonus 0%
Tier Number 2 – buy $ 50,000 to $ 200,000 – bonus 5%
Tier Number 3 – buy $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 – bonus 8%
Tier Number 4 – buy $ 500,000 to Avobe – bonus 10%%

How to Buy :

Just go to our website ( ) then click buy token. after that complete sign up page and follow the task..

VIDEO PREVIEW (How To Buy ) : 

Giltzkoin strategy :

Production network on blockchain for the Diamond business consolidating protection, availability, and security. It utilizes zk-snarks and bulletproofs to keep exchange information private.

Decentralized trade and through this they enable brokers to sell and put resources into precious stones like some other money related venture with a protected situation. Through machine learning and double play of interest and supply Glitzkoin makes a special benchmark esteem, rate and shrewd contract for each stone. It additionally gives the mutual venture alternative.
Worldwide jewel track and follow through advanced confirmation and validation utilizing savvy contracts. It additionally maps the ecological conditions and morals of work that went into the making. Hence, satisfies s social reason also.
Open Ecosystem that associates gems stores, RapNet and IDEX, mining and cleaning organizations and so forth. It adds to the Stellar people group also. It likewise comprises of GLITZKOIN WALLET, GLITZKOIN API, and GLITZKOIN justify motor.

Through the usage of the stage worldwide decentralized exchange that is paperless, straightforward and snappy is looked to be gotten. The wasteful aspects and other deceptive elements engaged with the business are focused here. In this manner expanding the market reach of the precious stone industry. Nonappearance is mediators, bringing down of costs, acknowledgment of digital money and the verification will impart trust in the business sectors all around the globe. A shared belief can subsequently be utilized to fathom such huge numbers of budgetary, monetary and ecological worry also.


We consolidate the most recent blockchain innovation into the inventory network of the precious stone industry. This opens up another stage to lead worldwide exchange precious stones. Other than diminishing the costs identified with a
exchange, GLITZKOIN disposes of the wasteful aspects that are intrinsic to paper based exchange preparing. An arrangement of cutting edge capacities are actualized to give an extremely mind boggling and nitty gritty, precious stone following and following capacity. The goal is to decentralize the commercial center for precious stones, this will tremendously open up access for purchasers and venders of precious stones. The precious stone exchange requires extra subordinate administrations like transportation, fund and protection. These administrations will be given by partitioned specialist co-ops. The GLITZKOIN Project will just coordinate them in the stage and not charge any commission or business for such outsider administrations.



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