IAC ICO REVIEW ! International Auto Club

WEBSITE : https://www.auto-club.io/


It’s one of the biggest and driving g cashback benefit principally situated in Russia. IAC has just been actualize in 12000+offline stores with the manual arrangement of procurement. The administration is presently being utilized as a part of in excess of 700+ online stores and limited time arrangements of 12000+. IAC has additionally been subsidiary with cell benefit, protection, tourism and legitimate administrations offering the best arrangement in the market.

Installment framework

All sort of installment identified with stock and administration will be done by means of an inside computerized wallet. The installment will done in wallet like ethereum based square chain. Clients will be remunerated in member projects and status redesigns.

Member like corporate college, magnificence foundation and genuine state buy swarm subsidizing stage will be remunerated. Issuing of co-mark cards as a team with Alfa bank.


Apparatus of digital money installment acknowledgment as far as great and administration around the globe.Achieve focus of 6miulikion client from base of 60k clients.Developing of provider is imperative to take care without bounds demand. Ica focuses to achieve 1.2 million providers from introductory 12000 providers.

Expected increment of exchange at volume of 1000times.Inside 4 years’ time period IAC focuses to open 1500 workplaces to serve the clients better.The IAC benefit be conveyed to other created nations.Auto unit will be to make installment for good and servicer through an inward installment instrument.Another framework will be execute to pick up benefits inside the stage through auto unit.In conclusion to setup a bank name NSCA.


A request and time demonstrated item the purposeful auto club is more into develop business which is effortlessly estimated on advanced item. It is anything but a new company attempting raise store to fund the thought. The club has in excess of 750000 client and CIS in excess of 250 urban communities as of now.

A develop business with volume $8.3mlm – the organization has effectively finished 4 years in the business. So far it has gained an incredible ground with $8.3mlm and increase benefit of 280%.

Business Is 100% legitimate the organization is entitled with the laws and direction of Russia and CIS nations. The shopper participation is looked by the state level. The organization is enlist individual from Russian mechanical and business chamber and cooperate with exchange association of state elements, open administration and numerous different substances. The organization markdown framework is profiting people in general official and individual of the state and others are on the whole qualified advantage them from the framework. The logo and trademark of the global auto club is enlisted and endorse by the government licensed innovation, licenses and trademark office. The organization knows about the lawful arrangement of the others regions before entering the business there.

Simple withdrawal, store and trade of inward coin AU for USD, EUR, RUB BTC, ETH.Low expenses Auto unit can be changed over into fiat cash or digital forms of money with the assistance of auto clubs installment stage. The request has been developing quickly intrigued clients and accomplices are right now attempting to list the coin. The charges are kept low and simple to pull back and exchange.

Conceivable outcomes to pay Good and administration installment with AU coin. With the developing interest the merchants and accomplices will child embrace AU coin as the installment technique.Potential outcomes to AU as the cashback for customary buy expected lift capital with standard buy on worldwide auto club. AU will be credited on each buy.

Reward up to 30% on receipt of tokens-status redesign on worldwide auto club and get 30%boinus token. Multilevel association and abundance programs-prescribing undertaking to the speculator and clients of the money back administration will profit the 9 level organization program each buy made by your referral.

How it works for consumers

1. Client agree to accept free and gains admittance to all the administration and offers.

2. The client is remunerated in the event that he alludes to a companion and the companion join utilizing his referral connect.

3. Client gets a specific rate from the buy made through his referral companion and furthermore for submitted referral interface.

4. The amass store can be pulled back in fiat cash in any helpful way the client needs.

5. Installment can be made for in excess of 20000 great and administration in private and government. The refresh should be possible utilizing inside cash.

6. Interior record can be revived utilizing bank card or through cryprtocurrency exchange to the organization wallet.

How it works for businesses

The enlistment is free for the organizations and approached regularly developing base of faithful members.

The business is put in reduced framework. Contingent upon the understanding between the iac and friends the money back is paid by the organization.

Autobonous program recognize and keeps up the record of member buy for big business.

The undertaking is withstand to take after the agreement and influence installment in the money back sum to all the member to buy.

The business workers are approved to enroll new members. All the new member will be enlist in the framework as indicated by the business level referral framework.

The organization can make utilization of the IAC stage to utilize certain administration that would profit the business at a markdown cost

The business can promote the item, web advertising and SMM.

Position on the stage assets in the area of uncommon offer (pennants , proposal)

Urge to participate in IAC ventures.

Making of site and portable application for business extend.

Legitimacy utilizing IAC for purchasers.

The client not just approach extensive variety of merchandise and administration purchase additionally can acquire remunerates on a referral program.

The client can overhaul them to VIP Partner and essentially increment the measure of reserve got.

Approve access to accomplice program contingent upon the status.

Installment of products and administration by interior assets at beneficial duties.

Benefits of IAC for Your Business

Developing of new clients consistently from around the globe searching for good and administration at a sensible rebate.

Free application and access to auto reward.

Free situation of items and offer on the site. (45000 clients for each month).

Free position of offers in versatile application.

Business can enroll clients till level 9 in referral interface framework and get money again from the buy and buy of companions alluded.

The framework will oversee and spur its workers.

Can take expansive request and process it.

Save money on promoting and advertising.


Strong and weak elements of the platform are represented in the table below including internal and external environments .

Internal Environment

1. Multilevel Affiliate Program.
2. Affiliate’s base and their stores.
3. Cooperation with offline stores.

4. The absence of investments for for company’s marketing.
5. Website, weekly newsletters and SMM need to get updated and become regular.
6. Low speed of attracting new affiliates and stores

External Environment

1. E-commerce market growth
2. High potential of customers who use cashback services.
3. Main market leaders have a stable linear programme .
4. Low awareness of the audience about the service’s existence.

5. Small affiliate network in comparison with the market leaders .
6 . Small chain stores
7 . The company used to work as an MLM company in the past.
8 .Low brand awareness in the market.
9 . Competition in the market.
10. The presence of other federal companies.

Presale starts on January 25th, 2018.

ICO will consist of 5 stages, including Pre-ICO

85,982,639 AutoToken tokens will be emitted . Token will be created gradually, as the sales proceed. The tokens price will be equal to $1. The company also plans to emit 859,826,390 units of the internal currency called AutoUnit (AU). After the end of the ICO (Q2 2018) token holders will be able to exchange AutoToken for AutoUnit at the rate

1 AutoToken = 10 AutoUnit

AutoUnit’s liquidity is ensured by several factors:

AutoUnit is a universal payment instrument within the existing payment system, used by more than 600,000 users, which is a proof of a high level of trust.
IAC’s mechanics allow for a natural steady growth of the users’ number .
The number of transactions per month exceeds 300,000 and is constantly growing.
IAC is not a startup, it is a functioning business project that has been around for four years and is growing rapidly to date.


5% of token has been reserved for the advisor and 10% for the team. 15% has been assigned for bounty and 70% will be sold in the market. Total number of token are 58982639 with rate of $1 currently.

Majority of fund around 58% will be spend on the payment system which will connect offline companies to the payment system auto unit system will be implemented as payment solutions .NSCA bank will come into effect as a bank of IAC. The opening of the NSCA bank branches in other countries and implementing crypto currency as payment. IAC has allocated 32% funds to be spend on market analysis and media research. The company would work on developing of marketing strategies in other countries to expand its service. Funds would be spend rewarding new marketing tools, marketing media budget, and consultancy and PR agency fees. Remaining 10% will be utilize in developing modem technologies, expansion of staff. Recruit skilled work team, special training for staffs. The fund would be used to buy high performance hardware and maintenance service. Adoption of block chain technology

Server decentralized is implemented to keep the data safe in case of any server failure.
No difficulties faced during server synchronization cause of centralized solution.
Easy and convenient conversion in any currency, wallet or coin anywhere in the world.
Auto unit will be listed on the stock exchange.
An independent and transparent digital system.
As we know the system is decentralized this protects the server from hacker or any unauthorized access. Even if the server is hacked still it would cause zero damage to the server.
Even in terms of legal point, suppose the legal entity diapers the system will continue its existence and users will not lose their fund. The funds existing on decentralized cannot be arrested.


Bonuses are discounted prices at which AutoToken can be purchased. There will be a separate discount on tokens at each stage of the sale. Two types of discounts will be used: discounts for Partners of IAC and discounts for the rest of the buyers.

The AutoToken distribution diagram indicates that 15% of the tokens are
planned to be distributed among the campaign participants. The IAC project
with a multi-level partner network involves the use of two approaches
in AutoTokens distribution over bounty campaign:
• traditional bounty is the distribution of a certain percentage of the total
number of sold tokens for performing certain actions;
• referral bounty is a program only IAC’s partners and VIP partners can participate (see Glossary).To become an IAC’s partner you need to register on the company’s website and pay the appropriate status. Within the traditional bounty program, 3% of the total number released tokens will be allocated. In case of reaching the hard cap it will be 2.1% of the total number sold tokens and will be distributed among the campaign participants in accordance with the rules that will be published later. Within the referral bounty program, 12% of the total number emitted tokens will be distributed among IAC’s participants with statuses Partner and VIP partner. A large percentage is due to the fact that tokens will be distributed throughout the IAC’s referral network where more than 70,000 people are currently engaged .

Referral Program

The referral bounty is a reward program for recommending the tokens purchases during ICO and Pre-ICO. Only IAC Corporation’s partners and VIP partners (see Glossary) can participate in the program. To become an IAC’s partner you need to register on the company’s website and pay the appropriate status . Referral Bounty Program Terms
Partners of IAC receive additional benefits:
Bigger discounts depending on the current stage of the ICO:
• Stage 1 (Pre-ICO) 22% for everyone, 25% for Partners, 30% for VIP Partners;
• Stage 2 (ICO) 15% for everyone, 17% for Partners, 20% for VIP Partners;
• Stage 3 (ICO) 10% for everyone, 12% for Partners, 20% for VIP Partners;
• Stage 4 (ICO) 7% for everyone, 8% for Partners, 15% for VIP Partners;
• Stage 5 (ICO) 3% for everyone, 4% for Partners, 10% for VIP Partners.
Receiving additional income via the partnership programme for inviting new partners (personal and group registrations alike). Rewards are calculated according to the terms of the partnership programme. 95% of the reward is being used to pay for work done + privileges (discounts, cashback, courses, support, and everything else that applies).

Bounty campaign (runs during the whole period of the ICO) Terms of participation: Only Partners and VIP Partners of IAC who have purchased tokens for the minimum amount of $1000 can participate. Rewards are distributed for each token bought,




Law & Trust International

company is represented in all areas of law on Russian and global markets. It offers a wide range of services for
registration and support of business, accounting and auditing,
certification, registration of real property documents and many other
services. Offshore business registration. Support for more than 2800
Business record of the company is over 12 years and based on the strict
quality control, protection of data and due process of law. An individual
approach to each customer


I-Link company

This is a highly competent IT team. Its direction is to carry out a multi-faceted approach to the resolution of customers’ tasks
with the help of advanced modern technology and tools.
i-Link is developing unparalleled projects to solve issues of their clients,
launching, implementing, supporting and improving existing
infrastructure technologies. The result of i-Link’s performance is
delivering a better reliability, controllability and security level to the
information infrastructure of customers


Crypto Reporter

Crypto Reporter is the online magazine devoted to the digital
currency and blockchain. This media will familiarize you with news of the industry, market research and reviews of ICOs from the leading experts. The magazine has been published since September 2017.

The Russian Drift Alliance

This is one of the largest independent organizers of auto sport events in Russia. During its 6 years’ record, RDA had run more than 35 events of various formats and levels in the largest Russian cities. The events included Total Extreme Fest, Turbo Show, Drift & Roll, Underground Drift Party, D.Visions (The Continental Drift League), RDA Cup. The audience of RDA is tremendous and amounts to more than 2.5 mln people united by the efforts to promote drifting in Russia.

SUMMERY : I Think IAC will be boom in crypto market. who are invest here he also attend this mission. so you are all guys can invest easily here. because your investment safe and more secure in international auto club. This would make shopping easier and make money at the same time. A great and successful project ahead.


WEBSITE: https://www.auto-club.io
TELEGRAM: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@autounit2018
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/autounit.iac.2018/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AutoUnit2018
WHITEPAPER : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lk3NcJ8IZXAND-eTgtuu2TQxrjO8yb0b/view
BITCOINTALK LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2840432
BITCOINTALK ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2802831.0

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