QURREX ! Opportunity is in Your Hand

Friends, hope all you are very well. Me also great.
Today I am writing about QURREX ICO which is about to End. The main reason to write this article is to knock those friends again who didn’t participate with QURREX ICO yet.
Yes friends I do understand your feeling but the great time ahead! Me also tried several ICO and didn’t satisfied 100% but on that time we had to consider coz there was not good enough quantity ICO in market on that time.
But by comparing them if we judge QURREX could be a great mistake and miss opportunity if life. The time the technology the future trend everything combined by QURREX. I just share my feeling, you can take a look again. Remember the ICO Ends on 30th July.

What About Qurrex :

QURREX is The First Ecosystem for Social and Professional Trading and Investing in Crypto Assets oriented towards a wide range of end users: from non experience individuals, individual traders to large brokers and institutionalized investors. This is also Most Professional Crypto Exchange, Also Most Secure.

The QURREX multifunctional trading platform is a hybrid system that consists of:
• a centralized node, which is comparable in its effectiveness to modern, cutting edge traditional exchanges;
• client functionality that meets the demands of users of leading exchange and FX brokers;
• a blockchain network which, on the one hand resolves problems of secure storage and eliminates
middlemen, and, on the other, provides the user with aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including
the centralized platform.

In all actuality, QURREX is setting the business standard in the crypto-economy for an all inclusive digital money trade – one which existing stages will in the end accomplish simply following quite a while of free exertion.
The stage will turn into the principal digital money trade in light of elite engineering from the main universal exchanging stages. Instead of react to the market request of “recently”, it is intended for the future – for the coming development blast in digital money exchanging. In addition, the task will turn into a critical factor in the advancement of the crypto-economy, as it not just fulfills the requests and settles the issues of current clients of existing trade stages, yet in addition makes positive conditions for a new rush of members, those not right now spoken to in the crypto world.

There is most 3 part in QURREX..

1. ACTIVE SAVINGS :- Up to 100% fee discount

2. ACTIVE INCOME :- Take fees as exchange

3. PASSIVE INCOME :- Lease your QURREX tokens

QURREX  The First Hybrid CRYPTO CURRENCY Exchange Integrating

  1. formation of an aggregated order book based on quotes collected from all the system’s nodes (both the centralized and decentralized nodes);
  2. dissemination of the aggregated order book to the blockchain nodes;
  3. choice of the blockchain nodes with the best instrument prices/quotes to place the order submitted by a client (if the order is not marketable, it is entered in the order book of the original system node);
  4. sending the order to the selected system node (for marketable order); entry of information on the order into the blockchain (for queuing order);
  5. receipt of execution confirmation

Qurrex Exchange :

Really We are proud to present you the prototype of our trading terminal. You can try the basic features, including robotrading. Don’t miss the opportunity to touch the future of cryptotrading.

Try Now : https://trading.qurrex.com/

QURREX is much faster than any existing cryptoexchange

POLONIEX : 6K trx/sec

BITFINEX : 8K trx/sec

QURREX : 70K trx/sec

QURREX MATCHING : 3.5 mln trx/sec


Token symbol: QRX

Token standard: ERC20

Token type: utility

Total token supply: 70m

Total token for sale: 55m

Total token for pre-sale: 17m

Country of incorporation – Cayman Islands



ICO  Time: 10 JUN – 30 JUN

1 ETH = 340 QRX

BUY Now –




Why you Buy QRX Token ?

Because we have experienced Management team. you must be choose this ico because of this reason, normally people looking for ico backend team. QURREX is the fulfill for this caution. we just visit website for knowing about our team.

Not Only management team we have also The Honorable Advisors & Parents.

At Last i want to congratulate to you because you already are interested about QURREX ICO. Yes Bro, this is time for your great short. if you find a great opportunity QURREX is for you only.

This Month date of 30th the last chance for you.

BUY NOW :  https://tokensale.qurrex.com/

If you want to know more please visit our all social media also white paper below the details :

White Paper: https://goo.gl/ZmucrR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qurrex/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qurrex

Telegram: https://t.me/qurrex

Medium: https://medium.com/qurrex

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/QurrexOfficial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYAsSGdCEHA96fUJWWGDL5g


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