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This introduction is for data purposes as it were. It ought not be interpreted

as on offer to offer, or a sales to purchase any security or token as a security.

By acquiring the BMF token or trading it with your digital money, you

are entering a mining contract with Bitminer Factory, which qualifies you for

certain rights on the computerized administrations created by the mining gear

we work in our offices. The BMF token does not qualifies you for any

appropriation of profits, interests, rights on shares in Bitminer Factory or

some other type of right typically installed in a budgetary security as characterized in

your ward. Bitminer ICO alludes to an Initial Contract Offering whereby

our mining administrations are offered to you. Bitminer Factory is a start-up; an extensive

some portion of this introduction thereof comprises of forward-looking articulations

identifying with: plans and destinations of administration for future tasks or

financial execution; conclusions and projections about current and

future financial and political patterns and controls in the digital currency

what’s more, Blockchain space; and anticipated money related outcomes from mining

tasks. Anticipated money related outcomes and mining activities execution

in this introduction are just an example for potential future benefit and

real outcomes could physically vary from forward-looking explanations.

Energy Transition:


Blockchain and mining have been on financial specialists’ lips for as long as couple of years,

furthermore, they watched an immense spike of enthusiasm since 2017, alongside the flood

of the cost of Bitcoin and different digital forms of money. Today, many think

that Blockchain will change business and reclassify organizations and


Be that as it may, cryptographic money mining, the principal design behind the

Blockchain environment, is a vitality escalated movement and in that capacity it comes

possibly with an expansive carbon impression, which requires consideration. All together

to play out their assignments, mineworkers need to execute computationally-escalated

calculations on the Blockchain utilizing a plenty of innovative hardware,

for example, redid microchips or specific Graphical Processing


The main who can take care of a particular issue on the Blockchain gets a

remunerate in Bitcoins (or whatever money is being mined), thus the

surge in utilizing intense apparatus that can permit to acquire such


As detailed in a few productions and online assets, the power

required for overall crypto-mining exercises has expanded fivefold

in under a year, achieving a sum sufficiently high to maintain the

vitality prerequisites of entire nations, for example, Peru, Portugal or

Israel. This figure is developing exponentially, and is required to twofold

in the following a year, up to 150 TWh/year, as much as the yearly

vitality utilization of the whole Netherlands. This pattern is, plainly,unsustainable, however is regarded to proceed because of the rising trouble of

mining activities and the expanded rivalry in the field. Mineworkers

require vitality for executing calculations and for cooling their gear,

be that as it may, the vast majority of them don’t generally focus on where they draw

it from – they essentially mind its cost is sufficiently low. This prompts an

abuse of existing non-renewable energy source and other non-inexhaustible sources,

despite the effect they have on nature. The rising

cost of cryptographic forms of money makes the interests in mining progressively

beneficial and, as an outcome, builds the vitality required to

perform such activities, filling an endless loop.

Moreover, the rising cost of oil – and, by and large, its instability – could

unusually hose the gainfulness of digital currency speculations,

whose net pick up is intensely dependent on fuel cost.

Numerous conspicuous distributions have begun raising the alert about the

threats related with aimless vitality utilization related

to digital money mining, and we won’t let this sob for help go to

squander. The objective of our movement, in this manner, is to make mining activities

manageable, both regarding the productivity of your venture and in

terms of natural safeguarding.



Bitminer Factory thought goes back to November 2016, and our advance

from that point forward has been enormous, with our first mining industrial facility, now the biggest

in italy, finished and completely operational since April this year, after twelve

long periods of diligent work and devoted refinements. We began with the

thought of following the digital currency wave, and we have wound up being

at the front line of development in the field, driving the path to a maintainable

process for mining digital currencies. A few distributions are beginning to

recommend that sustainable power sources are the eventual fate of digital money mining,

furthermore, we will be among the first in acknowledging such a fantasy.

Our reasonable arrangement depends on 4 key columns:

  1. Conferred use of clean vitality: we vow to utilize an inexorably

higher measure of vitality from clean power sources, for example, hydro and

sun powered plants. We will put our decentralized versatile cultivating gear

near eco-accommodating sources, definitely decreasing the measure of CO2

we would require in the event that we utilized customary vitality plants;

  1. Reuse of something else squandered vitality: vitality plants everywhere throughout the world,

either inexhaustible or not, regularly have vitality left that isn’t utilized and goes

to squander. We have set up organizations that enable us to take advantage of these

vitality sources, limiting the need of creating extra vitality for

our mining purposes, profiting the earth while allowing us a

bring down cost control supply;

  1. Adaptability through versatile mining units: our mining units can be

effectively moved around (consider them “on-the-wheels” self-governing processing compartments), thusly it will be simple for us to come to the

plants that have the most astounding extra limit every once in a while, or new

intentionally manufactured sustainable power plants;

  1. Broadening through Renewable Energy resource proprietorship: they will

fortify our situation to accomplish our objectives. With 30% of the returns

of the ICO, surpassing $20M, we will put straightforwardly in the development

of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100% spotless and inexhaustible

vitality result will be utilized to specifically control our mining gear.

Vitality ventures are capital escalated and require a huge scale: for

this reason, we put resources into Energy extends just past the $20M

stamp, as yet keeping up our responsibility to a greener mining arrangement

on the off chance that returns will be underneath $20M. Owning hand crafted inexhaustible

control plants will enable us to accomplish even lower power cost for

our activities, removing every one of the middle people between vitality

generation and usage. Besides, we will have the capacity to pitch vitality to

the national framework, creating an extra, stable stream of benefits, to

be utilized for our token-holder and for reinvestment in our activities.

Mining Equipment:
GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) were originally designed to improve and
optimise the 3D graphics of the most demanding video games. They are
much faster than the main computer processors (CPUs) at doing specific
calculations, and, thus, are very suitable to mine cryptocurrencies.
Furthermore, GPUs couple cutting-edge speed with high flexibility:
they can mine dozens of different cryptocurrencies, executing various
algorithms, and can adapt to changing market conditions, always working
on the most profitable problems.
We will use the most effective, cost-efficient and durable GPUs. While it is
comparatively easy to identify the most effective models, our experience
building mining farms in the last years allows us to have a competitive
advantage with respect the other two parameters:

  • COST
    Following the incredible price increase of cryptocurrencies in the last 12
    months, many people and organisations have entered the mining space,
    buying an unprecedented number of GPUs to be devoted to mining.
    The retail prices of the most sought-after models have clearly reflected
    such an interest, as shown in the chart below, reaching even 3x the usual
    prices – significantly undermining the expected ROI of most mining
    Our previous experience, our size, and our existing connections with
    manufacturers and distributors, however, allow us to negotiate wholesale
    prices and reduce lead time – guaranteeing Token Holders a higher RO
    Obviously, a fast GPU that lasts few months is not the best investment;
    also, while abundant information is available online with respect to the
    speed of each card, no statistically-significant data is available with
    respect to the durability. How to find the right model and the right make
    for your investment?
    That’s where our experience kicks-in, as we have extensive historical data
    on sustained performance, temperature, and failure rate of dozens of
    different type of GPUs, so that we can be confident to choose only what is
    the best and will be the best for a longer time, ensuring much better ROI.

There are many type of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit)
designed for mining, and we will focus on the ones that are able to mine
Bitcoin, by far the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap.
ASICs trade-in part of the flexibility that is typical of GPUs (in fact, they
can usually run only one algorithm), but they are even faster in their
As it happens for GPUs, sourcing the best components is critical, as
lead times can be long and prices in the secondary markets routinely
get to 2-3 times the regular prices. At Bitminer Factory, we already have
hundreds of ASIC miners working every day, and ongoing business
relationships with the main producers and distributors: we are ready to
source and operate many more.


As we have seen, mining requires vitality – a great deal of it! Besides, the

vitality supply should be dependable and modest, and we need it to be


How might we do that? On account of our to a great degree experienced group (our

organizers outlined and constructed plants for an aggregate of 1000+ MWp, in the

past), we have just anchored various vitality sources, both in Italy

also, Bosnia, with a difficult to-beat cost of 0.055-0.075 €/kWh, which we

hope to bring down much further.

Our machines will be co-situated with the vitality plants, to limit

the vitality conveyance cost and use overabundance vitality right where it

is made, and will have the capacity to move at whatever point new, better openings

will emerge.

At last, we have composed two exclusive lodging answers for our

machines, Gigapod, to house up to 5000 units (GPU or ASIC), and Mobile

Mining Unit (MMU), to house up to 300 units. We considered everything about it

with a specific end goal to upgrade:


Because of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) investigations, we composed

adequate ways to permit air all through the Gigapod and of the MMU, while

devouring only a small amount of the aggregate vitality. A progressed sifting framework

will enable air to pass, blocking dust or different contaminants, guaranteeing

dependable activities in any condition.


Each Mobile Mining Unit (MMU) can house up to 300 units (GPU or ASIC)
in a compact footprint, while each Gigapod can house up to 5000 units.

Furthermore, the MMUs can be moved cheaply and quickly, as they are
base on standard containers.

    A dense net of sensors are embedded in the Gigapods and in the MMUs,
    allowing our team to monitor performance, temperatures, power
    consumption, and state of each piece of equipment, thus letting us actively
    prevent and identify any hardware malfunctioning.
    Each machine is accessible easily and rapidly, allowing for prompt
    maintenance when needed. A detailed dashboard and clear labels/
    indicators allow every operators to immediately locate the machines that
    need an intervention.

ENERGY Projects:
At Bitminer Factory, we are focused on:

  1. Make the Blockchain reasonable, by utilizing sustainable power source for mining


  1. Convey exceptional ROI to our Token Holders.

Sustainable power source Projects will reinforce our situation to accomplish

both the objectives above.

With 30% of the returns of the ICO, surpassing $20M, we will contribute

specifically in the development of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100%

perfect and sustainable power source result will be utilized to straightforwardly control our

mining hardware. Vitality ventures are capital escalated and require a

huge scale: thus, we put resources into Energy extends as it were

past the $20M check, as yet keeping up our promise to a greener mining

arrangement if continues will be underneath $20M.

Owning hand crafted inexhaustible power plants will enable us to accomplish

indeed, even lower power cost for our tasks, cutting every one of the mediators

between vitality generation and usage. Besides, we will be

ready to pitch abundance vitality to the national framework, producing an extra,

extremely steady stream of benefits, to be utilized for our token-holders and for

reinvestment in our tasks.

Our group is extraordinary in permitting the conveyance of such a yearning pair:

bleeding edge mining and specially crafted and manufactured Renewable vitality

ventures. Truth be told, among our originators, we have a sum of 30+ long stretches of

encounter building sustainable power plants, for an aggregate of 1000+ MWp

introduced in different landmasses.

TOKEN Allocation :

The above chart means that every 88 BMF purchased by Token Holders,
10 BMF will be issued to Bitminer Factory Management and 2 BMF will
support our Bounty Program and marketing effort.
All BMF tokens will be issued at the End of the ICO, on 30/9/18, to Token
Holders who have purchased the tokens.


2018 MAY 25

Start Private Sale
2018 JUNE 02
New BMF Landing Page
2018 JUNE 06

Soft Cap Reached
Raccolti 0,5 Milioni
2018 JUNE 20

New BMF Website
2018 JUNE 21

Smart Contract
View on Etherscan
First Report to Token Holders
End of Stage 1 ICO (Hard Cap 6M$)
2018 OCTOBER 15

Delivery of MMF P14 GPUs Container in Bosnia
2018 OCTOBER 31

Delivery of Immersion Cooling FPGA in Calenzano (Italy)
2018 NOVEMBER 18

Delivery of MMF S9 Asic and P14 GPUs Containers
2018 NOVEMBER 30

R&D with IBM on Power9, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing applications
2018 JANUARY 19

Buy Back Plan starts
2018 MARCH 01

New BMF website to manage Token

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