MIB Coin:Best Smartphone Based Blockchain Network With Mining System.


As the achievement and development of blockchain-based digital money have demonstrated, the future will

witness a decentralized, effective, and exhaustive worldwide biological system.

At this point, we might want to exhibit MIB Coin, which will give chances to

take an interest in mining and to interface with more organizations as ‘whoever, wherever and

at whatever point’ utilizing cell phone by means of an inventive SmartX blockchain stage.

MIB Coin’s blockchain organize is kept up by a cell phone hash.

Accepting a cell phone is working 24 hours every day for a year, it will utilize around $10

worth of power. Contrasted with the power utilization of the current blockchain excavators,

this is a 99.24% change, offering more prominent eco-kind disposition, bring down cost and higher


This arrangement will enhance mining interest in territories with insecure power generation, such

as Central Asia, Africa, South America, and South East Asia. Indeed, even in nations where

broad mining is occurring, the SmartX blockchain system can bring a huge

lessening in the to a great degree high power utilization rate that regularly causes social issues,

bringing about social cost investment funds expected to keep up the blockchain.


We have presented the ‘versatile mining’ idea into the blockchain and built up an

condition with the base support cost for a blockchain arrange.

MIB’ objective is to venture into differing organizations with the SmartX blockchain stage worked for

cell phones.

Together with the improvement of decentralized innovation, MIB will be at the focal point of

interfacing with significant organizations in reality while making another universe of


Anybody can make another blockchain business in MIB and such an action will interface with

different organizations to shape another new environment.

SmartX will be recently characterized as a creative contextual analysis in the current digital money

advertise and will turn into a stage for the production of another biological system.


The SmartX blockchain stage is relied upon to end up a globalized digital currency that

diminishes blockchain’s upkeep taken a toll amazingly by applying a lightweight versatile based

hash calculation going for accommodation, economy and prevalence.

This won’t be a straightforward stage change however a difference in the digital currency biological system.

Because of the quick development in security and strength of blockchain innovation, the digital currency

showcase appropriated arrange type is quickly developing. As indicated by NIPA, the digital money

market’s volume has expanded to USD 155.4 billion (KRW 1.75 trillion) around as of

October 2017. Gartner, a promoting research firm, expects the yearly development rate of blockchain to be 120% starting at 2020 and the business incentive to surpass USD 3 trillion by 2030.

Right now, there are in excess of 1,100 diverse cryptographic forms of money enlisted and exchanged at the

trades, however Bitcoin (USD 80.1 billion) and Ethereum (USD 28.8 billion) make up 70% of

the aggregate piece of the pie concerning market capitalization, as of October 12, 2017.

Blockchain’s normal for a straightforward exchange through a conveyed record framework

makes it conceivable to diminish the cost of security, supervision, and control. Since it does

not require a focal server for the exchange data and confirmation or a monstrous

framework, cost lessening is made conceivable.

To add a square to a blockchain, it is important to have a proof of work procedure to approve the

information to be recorded at the record by an agreement calculation between every hub, and a stage

to confirm the approval of the square made later.

Amid this procedure, mining is expected to make sound squares, and a reward is given when

mining is effective. The recently made square is transmitted to all members inside the

arrange, experiences legitimacy confirmation, and is associated with the current squares.


MIB Coin’s new mobile cryptocurrency ecosystem is based on differentiation and utility and
the practice of economic, efficient and fair distribution to prevent the centralization of
blockchain-based coins. Now, the cryptocurrency market will return to decentralization,
which was its original position.
Moreover, our mobile cryptocurrency ecosystem can be proposed to many cryptocurrencies
that have lost their original functions due to mining and blockchain-based technical
difficulties, enabling them to improve smoothly and continuously.
Creating such an ecosystem that contributes to the society at large is another aim of our
development effort.
Subsequently, all cryptocurrencies will use MIB Coin as their standard and basis, but MIB Coin
itself will be the first case having all privileges to the new mobile cryptocurrency ecosystem.
For example, a mobile money transfer system that enables cash withdrawal from ATMs in
developing countries, transferring money to anywhere in more than 125 countries with a
phone number, and topping-up a cellphone bill and saving as cash can be engrafted and
used as a means of payment for tickets, games, music, and advertising.
In the long term, an ecosystem where functional tokens can be issued by utilizing the stable
nodes of the SmartX blockchain network will be formed and developed.
MIB Coin’s future will continue to improve and be developed as a system closely related to
everyday life by growing into a globally used cryptocurrency working as a means of currency
exchange, payment, value measurement, and communication.


Mining participation is quick and easy and can be done by leveraging an iOS or Android
After accessing an app store via a wireless network and downloading the Smart Miner,
mining can begin immediately.
The Mining Monitor app can monitor and control the mining situations. The app can also
store, send, and receive MIB Coin. Additional features are also provided for multi-miners
with many devices.



2017 Q4
Building a team for MIB coin project (based on SBP) and completing the conceptPublishing a white paper
2018 Q1
MIB coin official website Reinforcing the manpower of the teamPerforming pre-salesAdvancing the development of SBP
2018 Q2
MIB coin ICOAdvancing the development of SBP Smart Mining Android & iOS beta test
Link : Download NOW, Android Store
Link : Mining Pool Website MIB blockchain API center opens
2018 Q3
Coinsuper Listing(www.coinsuper.com)Coinbene Listing(www.coinbene.com)Indonesian community started.coin send & money transferAnnouncing mining pool clientsSmart Mining Application
2018 Q4
Releasing the main networkStarting MIB coin miningSetting up and advancing the SBP R&D centerOpening a platform development center for expanding the cryptocurrency ecosystemSupporting the issuance of a functional token and investing in technologySupporting a master node community
2019 Q1
Increasing availability through the MIB Coin partnership expansion

Token allocation


The MIB (Mobile Integrated Blockchain) platform has three main themes;
 Cryptocurrency and Eco-friendly Energy
 Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform
 A feasible, Sequence-centric blockchain business
Starting in the 21st century, the blockchain technology, which is the foundation of Bitcoin,
Decentralization and Distributed ledger technology, is moving traditional assets and credit
transactionsit to various forms of blockchain trading.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/mibcoin
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