MPCX ICO REVIEW ! Digital Wealth Management Platform


  • MPCX is an Umbrella of Digital Blockchain driven financial services platform for innovative Crypto Investors.
  • Three main stages of MPCX platform:
  1. Digital Wealth Management.

(Duration: Jan-2017 to Dec-2018)

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange.

(Duration: Dec-2018 to Nov-2019)

  1. Digital Banking and regulated wealth management platform.

(Duration: Dec-2019 to July-2020)


(After completion of 3 stages)

  1. Digital Wealth Management Services.
  2. A number of unique Products including: investable Crypto indices, Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM), P2P Crypto lending strategies, Crypto ETNs and A1 Crypto funds.
  3. ICO analysis.
  4. A cryptocurrency exchange for the top 100 coins.
  5. An MPCX trading terminal.
  6. Safe keeping and Crypto wallet solution.
  7. Payment and certain banking solution.
  8. Crypto P2P lending.
  9. MPCX ICO promotion platform.


  1. ICO represents innovative ways of raising capital.
  2. MPCX decided to fund the development of the MPCX platform by using XDMC token ty pay for platform services and participates in Platform development.

ICO Stages:

  1. i) Pre- ICO round to raise funds for MPCX platform development.
  2. ii) XDMC Token ( will distribute with the maximum discount of all funding round).


Mass market of blockchain technology has generated a revolutionary new investment opportunity.

Analysis of the Market:

  1. Global Interest:

+24 Governments now investing in blockchain technology- August 2016 WEF.

  1. ICO:

c.$4 billion funds raised in 2017

(according to EY).

  1. Daily Trading:

Average daily volume +$40 billion.

(according to on Jan-2018)

  1. Venture Capital:

$1.4 billion Investments over 2013-2016 Aug, 2016 WEF.

  1. Top 5 Coins:
  1. i) BTC –   $ 167 billion.
  2. ii) XRP – $    33 billion.

iii)LTC   –   $    10 billion.

  1. iv) ETH – $    73 billion.
  2. v) BTH –   $    18 billion.
  1. BTC Holders:

At least 50% of BTC buyers are investors (Founder assumption).

  1. Banks:

80% of Banks predicted to initiate blockchain driven services Aug-2016 WEF.

  1. Crypto Market Cap:
  1. $ 400 billion.

( according to on March, 2018.

  1. Returns:
  1. i) BTC CARGR 2,65x over Feb-2013-2018.

ii)Top three (BTC, ETH, XRP).

ii)CAGR86, 11x  over Feb-2016-Feb-2018.

In-house calculation.

  1. Crypto vs Dotcom:

     Crypto                  Dotcom

c.+$400 billion      $ 6.7 billion

Source: coin, March, 2018.

Combined value of stocks inMarch, 2000 on the NASDAQ.


There are two types of Investors in Crypto Market.

  1. Ordinary Investors.
  2. Innovative Investors.
  1. Ordinary Investors:

Ordinary investors who have decided to invest in Crypto Assets also faces a number of obstacles are:

  • Difficulties in establishing banking relations to work with Crypto Currencies.
  • Lengthy verification processes in establishing its Crypto Exchange accounts.
  • Lack of knowledge and experience in investing in Crypto Currencies.
  • Slow innovation and digitalization of the traditional financial indemnity.
  • Lack of high quality investment services for mass affluent clients.
  • Lack of Transparency and risks related to scams, corruption and data manipulation.
  • Limited access to alternative investments for mass and mass affluent client.
  1. Innovative Investors:

Innovative investors are called entrepreneurs who live in the Crypto world and pay rent, get paid Bonuses, buy goods in stores and count their digital fortune in terms ETH, BTC or other Crypto Currencies.

There are two major problems for digital investors:

  1. i) Availability of Transparent and high quality digital wealth management services.
  2. ii) Insufficient widening of use cases for Crypto Currencies.

After completion of 3rd stage MPCX will implement the following ecosystem:

  • On boarding, KYC, AML.
  • Digital Crypto Currency Exchange.
  • Payment and Banking Solution.
  • Custody and Wallet Solution.
  • MPCX Digital Wealth Management.
  • MPCX Trading Solution.
  • MPCX ICO advance and research platform.
  • MPCX Product Platform.
  • MPCX Crypto lending Platform.


  • The Token is the functional tools of MPCX.
  • It will used in MPCX platform services.
  • In future XDMC Token will use as internal currency of MPCX Banking service.


Forecasted Revenue sources in the second, third and fourth year respectively:

Description 2nd Year % 3rd Year % 4th Year %
ICO Promotion and Research 4% 3% 2%
Digital Wealth Management 9% 8% 24%
All Fund 14% 11% 6%
Crypto Indices and ETNs 73% 76% 61%
Retail Trading 2% 2%
Payment and Banking Solution 21%

Cash Flow (Forecasted): 

Details 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Revenue $ 0 78,24,000 1,93,14,000 425,52,000
Expenses and CAPE $ 1,10,00,000 1,70,00,000 3,50,00,000 1,57,50,000
Token Sale $ 1,10,00,000 1,50,00,000 2,50,00,000 0
Cash Flow $ 0 58,24,000 93,14,000 2,67,02,000
FCFE $ 0 29,12,000 46,57,000 1,33,51,000
Byback Amount $ 0 29,12,000 46,57,000 1,33,51,000


Valuation of XDMC Token (Forecasted):

Equity Valuation, $ Now In 4 years
DFCFE, $ 203,734,361 354,695,000
XDMC Tokens’ Valuation, $ 116,863,905 333,775,000
$/ XDMC Token 0.1169 0.3338
XDMC / 1 ETH 4,277 1,498


XDMC Token Supply Structure:


Token Name XDMC
Supply Type Fixed
Token Type Utility Token
Total Supply 999,950,416
Pre ICO Price, XDMC/1 ETH 30,998
Forecasted Pre ICO upside, times 20X
Min. Investment, ETH 0.10


 XDC Token distribution by stages (Forecasted):

Round TGE Bounty Team* Future Total % of total
Pre ICO 30,559,509 16,000,000 198,639,670 0 72,328,252 7.24%
1 Round ICO 254,662,572 52,060,948 348,492,263 34.85%
2 Round ICO 190,996,929 12,000,000 52,060,948 322,595,363 32.26%
3 Round ICO 127,331,286 12,000,000 53,638,554 256,534,538 25.65%
Total: 603,550,296 40,000,000 198,639,670 157,760,450 999,950,416 100.00%


  • Tokens allocated to the team are subject to a three year vesting period.
  • Every six months around 17% of tokens will be allocated. First allocation will be performed after the end of Pre ICO. In the event of leaving a team member will not be allocated tokens and those tokens will be reserved for new members. 

General XDMC Token Distribution and use of Pre-ICO proceeds:


Details % (Percentage)
Bounty 4%
Platform future Development 16%
Team and Advisor 20%
ICO Tokens 60%
Legal Fee and Solutions 9%
MVP 20%
Developers 22%
Marketing 49%
Pre-ICO dates: 07.05.2018-17.06.2018


During Pre-ICO round Tokens was on the waves platform. All wave based tokens replaced with 1:1 Ratio before the 1st ICO round into the Ethereum based XDMC Token.

When the Pre-ICO Hard Cap is reached, they will cease the sale of Tokens.

MPCX will reward fairly all backers based on the amount of their investments.

  • They offer a 35% bonus to those who support them with more than 150 ETH.
  • Offering of 20%, 10% and 5% comparatively for investment of 100 ETH, 20 ETH and 10 ETH.


 AWARENES OF RISK:Nothing in this document constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice nor is it to be relied upon in making of an investment decision. You are responsible for your personal investment. Although MPCX try to present accurate information, under no circumstances, can or does MPCX platform limited and its owners, contributors, or its usefulness for any participator purpose.

Summery :

MPCX Platform is not an investment advisor, a Bank, a Broker or a dealer and therfore does not participate in the offer, sales or distribution of securities, nor does it provide any investment advice. So You can buy xdmc.

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