The crypto currencies exchange market has a worldwide structure. The most famous pressure on it comes not from sharing among countries and regions, but from system and opinion of government al institution on operation with crypto currencies.

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Today,the number of exchanges has grown so much that the market need sunification to be able to continueto

develop as a single organism.User and their assets are split;therefore,liquidity is split,too.Cryptocurrencies

should unite people,companies,andfinancialstreams,but the fragmentation of trading over several platforms

lead stoin creased volatility of many cryptographic currencies and assets.

This scares traditional investors away from investing in cryptocurrencies.Low level of liquidity and considerable

spreads don’t help the development of the cryptocurrency industry.Naturally,exchanges should seek to get into

aunified trading place to be able to use the combined liquidity to increase revenue.

The abundance of exchange and trade tools on the market should also be critically reviewed.Atfirstglance,the

market is filled with stock and cryptocurrency exchanges.However,when filtered by such parameters as reliabil-

ity,accessibility for end users(many exchanges are selective in allowing residents of different countries and juris-

dictions. to trade),ability to trade with required tools. (fiduciary currencies included),the choice is narrowed

drastically,and. the illusion of abundance goes away.



All large platforms aim to increase the liquidity and trading volumes in their markets.The standard way of doing

that is to connect an APIofa platform to automated trading systems. (trading robots).Almost all cryptoex-

changes provide such trading APIs.They see LEN as anautomated trading system,which makes numerous

operations thusin creasing liquidity and pays a fee for each transaction making profits for them.

LEN. is a symbiosis of cryptocurrency exchanges,so it has no problems with integration.The technology allowsto

skip negotiations with competitors be cause the service does allinteractions through their existing public APIs.

Any crypto exchange that LIQNET in tends to connect to its platform should be checked by LIQNET’s specialists if

it has. alicense to work with cryptocurrencies.If a crypto exchange that LIQNET wishes to connect to the platform

is located in a juris diction that. has no explicitregulation of cryptocurrencies,then LIQNET has to by it self make

sure that such exchange has documents that regulate AML and CFT.In the case when such internal records do

not correspond to the. minimal requirements of the Singapore laws and international standards,this exchange will

not be connected to. the platform.

To. connect a crypto currency exchange to LEN,a user should register an account,deposit some money,and imple-

ment a particular LEN module that uses the exchange’s open API.LIQNET also does this operation.The central

questions that a rise area bout economics:transmitted size of market liquidity,choice of markets,and amounts of expenses


The. blockchain technology is based on. the distributed computer network with cryptographic-based security and a
particular. protocol of network no desinteractions— accumulation of information in a block. and. its further verifi-
cation. by allnodes.
The. blockchain is the. coreofall cryptocurrencies,so the. prospects of its development directly influence the
future. of the whole market.In its research,Gartner has. conducted a SWOT analysis that was a imedat
defining the prospects of the technology’s development.Conspicuously,the obstacles to the technology’s. development. mostly pertain to the low level of understanding
of the technology it self— for example,it is. one. of the reasons for the governmental rejection of the technology.
This is common for every new technology that is a imedat changing existing foundations of society.At the dawn
of its development,Internet has faced similar problems.On the other hand,the prospects that blockchain offers
are capable of drastically improving the current situation in the world and first of all in the monetaryfield.

Today,the process of conversion of one cryptocurrency. into another or into a national currency
is done in two ways:

  1. through payment systems wallets(an analog of traditional bank conversion operations);
  2. through specialized platforms where the. setools are. traded— the. exchanges.
    The. process is similar to how national currencies are now converted into each other.Additionally,many
    exchanges already offer the ability to do conversion operations between fiat money and cryptocurrencies.
    Additionally,many exchanges already offer the ability to do conversion operations between fiat money
    and crypto currencies.


2015-2016— development oft t the trading core,elaboration of the detailed concept of the exchange.MVP has
been upgraded to service,begining of the test in of the information security mode lathigh continuous loads
2017— development of a profession altrading terminal,preparation of the project for the launch,idea of holding
an ICO
December2017— trading core that. collects liquidity from at least three sources,trading web platform
January2017— release of own desktop app
April2018— the end of the development of LIQNET
April–May2018— testing the kernel under high load,then umber of sources of liquidity is greater than. 10,the
number of orders is more than 500 per second
PreSale 07.05.2018–20.05.2018
Q2–Q32018— purchase of the МТ5/Multi charts license and its customization for our service
Q32018— connection of additional payment systems that allow making deposits from MC,Visa,Union Pay
cards;possibly connection of Pay lPal and other systems
Q3–Q42018— launch of the online wallet with the investor’s personal account and the. funds receiving,storing,
sending,and. automated conversion functions
Q42018—. improvement and debugging of trading apps for Android and iOS(the proto types of the solutions
already exist)
Q12019— launch of the Internet acquiring service,actualization in the. part of inter action. with various crypto-
currencies on the current date
Q22019— release of the merchant acquiring service
Q22019— start of the margin trading/shipment future strading
End of2018–Beginning of 2019— launch of the platform used to trade third-party tokens during ICOs

Token Distribution:
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The market of crypto currency exchange is tightly bound to the crypto currencies themselves.It is at the early

stage of its development.Incomparison to the stock,derivatives,and currencies markets,it is a small number.

Nevertheless,the growth potential is vast.

It can be linked to the growth of their applicability in real life,the improvement of the technology it self,the

increase of their legal status,and to the allowance of them as a payment tool on international and national

markets.Any positive information and any novelty positively affect the growth of popularity and acceptance of

cryptographic forms of money.

Studying the crypto currencies market helps to understand that even with the immense potential,the level of

uncertainty around the new payment and investment tool is still high.It can be seen already now that people

tend to a free money circulation and a more democraticm one tarypolicy.Cryptocurrencies allow to cut costs,

which every economic agent face severy day.

The process of the development of the crypto currencies market that was started 7-8 years ago actively trans-

forms existing socio economic foundations of society by considerably simplifying interactions between economic

agents in P2P,C2 Band B2B sectors.The growth of the industry’s capitalization confirms that people vote with

their money for its development.

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