KuBitx- a revolutionary exchange project

A trade venture which is gone for doing much more than most trades offer today that is KuBitX. It is a progressive trade venture. The venture was imagined and begun in Q4 2017 with a group of all-round experts from Dell, Huawei Technologies, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Google, BP Oil, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MTN and so on who have demonstrated track records in their individual fields.

KuBitX is a concentrated cryptographic money trade. Today assembling the most progressive and vigorous Trade motors, a standout amongst the most secure, quickest and strong stage. Established by a Team of result driven experts working in the best fortune 500 organizations and one of the “enormous four” counseling firms.

Unique KuBitx

KuBitX is a standout amongst the most progressive and strong cryptographic money exchanging stages intended to grasp the possibility of “Straightforwardness” and “Openness,” engaging and instructing individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds to grasp the mechanical unrest of Blockchain and put resources into digital forms of money. Contained inside the KuBitX biological system are the KuBitX Trade motors, the protected KuBitX wallets and a progressed Admin dashboard for controlling the exercises inside the Trade Exchange.

By focusing on the undiscovered, high potential socioeconomics for their consideration in the Cryptocurrency showcase, we will likely end up a standout amongst the most different digital money commercial centers for purchasers and dealers. We mean to accomplish this by building up a hearty exchange motor, giving consistent managing account benefits through our Financial Service Providers and starting an Ambassador program to spread mindfulness and reception.

The easy to use standpoint of the trade will likewise enable it to advance reception. Streamlining the procedure of settlement likewise gives us the possibility to focus on a decent client base and in this manner helps in expanding the liquidity of the trade.


KuBitX has been created not similarly as an exchange motor but rather a motor for development and improvement of the developing markets aiding money related incorporation, budgetary instruction and Blockchain reception by the general population. We firmly trust that KuBitX can possibly achieve the rising locales and teach the subjects with practically zero access to Blockchain based administrations and selection and offer different crypto to fiat trade and paring.


The Ambassador program is vital to entering, understanding and catching the nearby developing markets. An imaginative offering like KuBitX won’t be comprehended and received without drawing in with individuals locally in every district It won’t be adequate to run customary adverts, web-based life or computerized advertising strategies.


Our key associations with banks and installment suppliers are helping us to make a full-benefit money related establishment with digital currency mix. This element will give the majority of the conventional managing an account administration and then some:

  • Funds exchange (wire and distributed)
  • Payment preparing
  • Merchant adjusting
  • Remittances
  • Bill installment
  • Trade Financing

Extra administration contributions:

  • Track and spend computerized monetary standards in a solitary record.
  • To associate their record with any current computerized cash exchanging stage.

The KuBitX advanced money exchanging stage will be straightforwardly coordinated with its monetary administration’s suppliers, permitting clients a consistent affair while dealing with their records and purchasing/offering computerized monetary forms and tokens.

Engineers can plan and manufacture their applications knowing they will have no issue opening money-related administrations represent their business.

Our Team

Eric Annan  

Co-Founder, CEO


Entrepreneur/Blockchain Educator. Blockchain/digital currency Advocate and Educator. Founder of Digitalkudi.com digital currency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana. Former Lead Technical Account Manager at Huawei Technologies





Juliana Mwangi 

Lead, Finance Team


Juli is a certified and professional accountant practicing in Nairobi, Kenya. With over 8 years’ experience, she has worked with Procter and Gamble, USAID and led some medium sized teams to deliver huge projects in the Eastern part of Africa.



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