DONOCLE ! Blockchain based global lottery

You know lotteries have the normal for a speculation resource where individuals contribute a little measure of cash to gain a substantially bigger aggregate. DONOCLE is a Global Lottery (LOTTO) venture that uses in excess of 50 sorts of Crypto coins and tokens on Blockchain based Lottery Drawing System and Transparent Lottery Prize to give expanded Fairness.

Clients can screen the exchange and stream of products through the ODF(Open Data Flow) framework. There will be JackPot consistently/week in DONOCLE. Likewise, DONOCLE has a special AIRDROP framework that is called DONOCLE POS SYSTEM. DONOCLE tokens are saved in this POS framework. The initial 15 days from the store passes and the tokens are consequently advanced into AIRDROP framework.

DONOCLE is a token, however, we actualized POS Solution to run AIRDROP on DONOCLE. Simply holding DONOCLE token in DONOCLE POS System gives consistent AIRDROP to the holders and this is the means by which the framework works. DONOCLE group trusts that our reality and economy will be emphatically connected to blockchain industry, and our long involvement in online&mobile amusement industry will make the task reliable.

Token kind of Donocle

Donocle tokens have two fundamental qualities.

  1. Lottery Business that was confined to a particular region(countries, foundations) is currently developed to Global Business as Global Lottery
  2. Transparent, Trustable Decentralized Management System dependent on Blockchain Technology


Lottery Drawing Process

  • 50 sorts of Crypto coins and tokens that are accessible on market are paid to buy Lottery Ticket
  • 6-digits are abused from BTC Block Nonce Value to make Lottery Number
  • Total coins that are paid to buy Lottery will be dispersed to Prize Winners according to Prize proportion

Affirmation of Prize Money

  • Lottery buy is accessible until 11:30 (UTC), and it is ceased after at that point
  • Total Prize is at last affirmed and Lottery Drawing starts relying upon which government will be connected.

Buying the Lottery

  • Coins that are upheld by Donocle are transferred
  • Marks Number on demonstrated Coins that are exchanged to Dashboard

Lottery Ticket Price

Cost for a solitary ticket is settled at 0.0001BTC and costs for comparing AltCoins will be set concerning the cost of profoundly confided in Crypto Exchanges, and any Exchanges that have value hole of 5% from normal cost will be rejected.

Donolce Management

Donocle purchasers can pay either Donocle Token or 50 Crypto monetary forms that are accessible on market to buy the Lottery. Donocle picks 50 sorts of Cryptocurrency with respect to Trading Volume and Exchanges thinking about their exchanging volume and market top.

DONOCLE POS Management

Donocle has received a one of a kind Revenue Distribution System. This is the center of our looking for an administration and is helpful in the significance of Coin Distribution and Utilization which empowers clients to take an interest and acquire benefit in the meantime, so we can make stable income without compelling Transaction Profit Model to members.

SmartX Blockchain Platform

SmartX Blockchain Platform is a stage that has accomplished comfort, fame, monetary favorable position, and lightweight by embracing Blockchain Hash Algorithm on Mobile SmartX Platform, and it has altogether lessened Blockchain support cost contrasted with traditional Blockchain that has been depending on GPU or ASIC equipment which is quite costly.

DONOCLE B System (Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System)

DONOCLE B System is brought to settle a silly piece of conventional gift framework. This new Donation Infra-System exchange gift assets to Beneficiaries or Beneficiary Organizations straightforwardly and soundly on Blockchain innovation.


Instructions to Draw Lottery

  • 496 GAME

Picks 6 numbers from between 1 to 49. A draw is hung on each Sunday 00:00 UTC, and BTC Block Nonce Value will be abused for Lottery Number.


Nonce Value of a Single Block is misused to Draw a First Prize Winner at each 00:00 URC. Pick Five Digit Numbers including Overlapping Numbers.

Sorts of GAMES and points of interest

  • Lottery Drawing: Five digits beginning from the correct side of BTC Nonce Value, barring the initial two digits.
  • Lottery Drawing: 7 sequential hinders that are made after 00:00 will be misused for Lottery Draw, the third and fourth digits of their Nonce Value barring the first and second digits will be utilized, and utilized numbers will be from 01 to 49.

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