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As a matter of first importance, Fluzcoin is retail coin. Fluzcoin is a finely tuned framework that gives a protected and secure technique for regular retail exchanges with the both trader and purchaser torment focuses, and inclinations, at the top of the priority list. Fluzcoin go-to-advertise methodology focuse on a few dey focuses

  • Careful selection of a limited initial geographic scope.
  • Targeting a highly specific customer and merchant demographic.
  • Substantial brand building efforts leading to significant “Share of mind”.
  • A scanless crypto-fiat conversation at the retail point of sale (POS).


Fluzcoin considered and tested a host of the latest generation blockchain and distributed ledger technologies such as Hypherledger, variations Fabric, Sawtooth, and Burrow.

Fluzcoin provide its own wallet to store, sell, buy and pay with Fluzcoin at retail POS through practical QR code scanning. Corporate Fluzcoin wallets will provide merchants with the necessary accounting input to reconcile payment.

Fluzcoin is a retail protocol specifically designed to solve the most salient problems within cryptocurrency: speed, cost, compliance, and excess volatility. Our goal is to deploy a true retail coin that is ready for mass consumer and merchant adoption. We’ve chosen the permissioned and Ethereum-based Quorum as our blockchain layer as it provides Fluzcoin holders with fast transaction times and additional layers of privacy, which are not present to a satisfactory degree in other blockchain protocols. To help resolve the potential crypto-economic volatility, we’ve created the Fluzcoin Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm which will provide real-time, computer-aided market corrections in alignment with Fluzcoin supply and demand. Fluzcoin holders enjoy effortless staking of new coins by merely holding the coin: the value gained by generating new Fluzcoins is maximized by Fluzcoin holders in the form of staking rewards.  Fluzcoin encourages two sorts of online business exchanges: moment installments and customer financing. While a moment installment implies a buyer’s wallet approves the quick exchange of the invoiced sum due in Fluzcoin to the vendor’s wallet, there are times at the point when shippers may consent to back more significant sums furthermore, broaden an installment portion contract. On account of invoicing, portion installments, or financing with intrigue, the shopper’s wallet approves future exchanges including approvals of installment ranges. With the specialized establishments to (an) approve future exchanges and (b) adjust the aggregate to be exchanged inside a set range, Fluzcoin will fill in as a stage for a large number of buyer fund benefit suppliers, some of which might be propelled and scaled solely on the Fluzcoin stage.

Without buyer information, vendors have just a constrained comprehension of their clients. Which statistic appears to buy the most things? Are there socioeconomics who are not yet being taken into account? Which things yield the most astounding income per arrange? Are there items or administrations that purchasers are requesting yet are not yet accessible from shipper contenders? Fluzcoin empowers shippers to gather information driven bits of knowledge that drive productive basic leadership. The Fluzcoin Consumer Insights API enables shippers to dock on and recover essential data about the practices, interests, and aims of their customers. Be that as it may, to keep up full obscurity and guarantee client protection, the API just permits access and investigation through a monitored total. Fluzcoin’s capacity to create monstrous informational collections offers ascend to information organize impacts: as Fluzcoin reception increments, so does the sum of information accessible for exact investigation, which thus supports the measure of understanding that can be collected by utilizing Fluzcoin as an essential trade system among shipper and purchaser

1) Only Trusted Parties Transaction.

2) Zero-fee transactions for consumers.

3) Privacy for consumers.

4) Independence for merchants.

5) KYC compliance for merchants.

6) Trad able.

7) Transaction Speed: The speed may vary depending on:

(i)   The number of simultaneous transactions being carried out.

(ii)  The number of merchant nodes.

(iii) The blockchain file size.

(iv) The number of users in the blockchain file and respective indexing and look up costs.

8) High throught put.

9) Tolerate for large Blockchain file and Indexing.

Fluzcoin provide a free app for consumers which includes the Fluzcoin wallet as well as additional features, e.g. tracking of free coins distributed to Fluzcoin, holders, search of nearly stores accepting Fluzcoin, and offering special deals redeemable for Fluzcoin only.


Use of ICO Funds:

Fluzcoin Global Inc. plans to use the funds collected through the ICO in the following manner:

  • 50% Marketing.
  • 10% IT development and monitoring.
  • 3% Legal & Compliance.
  • 20% Commercial retailer onboarding.
  • 7% Reserve sent to the Fluzcoin Foundation.

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