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Basically, Asobi Coin gives helper substance organizes by using blockchain advancement. From this stage, you can without quite a bit of a stretch buy and offer propelled substance, for instance, funnies, entertainment things, and music that you have to bestow to other individuals. Asobi Coin gives an ensured cloud structure called “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) and moreover makes a P2P -style coursed helper substance arrange by using blockchain advancement.

The ASOBI MARKET uses blockchain advancement to give an anchored structure to pass actually content. The current electronic substance organizations don’t offer licenses to customers, which makes it hard to trade or when an organization close down, the customers lose their substance.

At ASOBI MARKET the customer guarantees the allow, which we can guarantee through DRM, Decentralized Security System (DSS). This system engages a sheltered assistant electronic substance trade with ABX.

Thought of Asobimo

In this new blockchain financial period, electronic substance trade on appropriated helper advertise are amazingly valuable for the distributors, producers, and customers.

ASOBIMO DApps stage will make electronic substance on the discretionary markets a noteworthy asset for all social affairs, and give a tied down trading learning at an irrelevant cost and frictionless. In any case, the propelled substance can once in a while be excessively straightforward, making it impossible to copy. That is the reason ASOBIMO use the “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) to avoid this kind of issue.

Secondary content market volume forecast

Discretionary substance flow as a market is still new. This suggests there still are various unexplored potential results. The market size of certified things, for instance, furniture and books are around 15 trillion JPY. The helper (used) publicize scale is 2 trillion JPY which is 15% of the fundamental arrangements.


At distributor stores you can buy distinctive automated substance. For instance, E-book, Music, Game things, Videos, Software, E-tickets can be sold at Asobi Wallet. In this helper showcase, you can offer your substance or buy used substance of a lower cost. When offering certified things at a second-hand shop, it is essential to pass on or send the things to the store. In any case, when you offer propelled substance in this discretionary market, it is straightforward and smooth. The sold entirety will be therefore traded to your ASOBI WALLET as ASOBI COIN.


ASOBIMO and SWITEX Gmbh together made NAGA Virtual, the phase for in-redirection things inside ASOBI MARKET. Gamers can buy or offer in-entertainment virtual things only or through a redirection distributer.

Secure preoccupation thing exchange: The ASOBI Market give a protected, sensible, and present-day exhibit for an extensive variety of entertainments and virtual items.

Advantage back to distributors: At most things trades, the distributors don’t get much advantage, yet because of NAGA Virtual’s distributor welcoming stage, they will get their advantage from the traded total.

Why buy ASOBI Coin (ABX)

  • When the estimation of ABX is $5, it is practically identical to $10 in redirections
  • This business focus can envision that redirection customers will buy and use ABX
  • Game customers can buy redirection things half more affordable with ABX

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