LIQUID8 ! P2P Platform for Transferring Real World Assets to the Crypto World

Blockchain innovation can possibly change the current money related scene by introducing an ecosystem which is more effective, secure, straightforward and reasonable, brought together budgetary organizations. Liquid8 is a blockchain-based shared multi-utilitarian stage that means to reform the computerized economy, by conquering any hindrance between true resources and the developing advanced economy.

Liquid8 will acquaint an associate with companion advanced administrations stage, where proprietors of genuine resources: customary resources and elective resources, can “tokenize” their advantage, enabling the resource for being spoken to by computerized tokens inside the blockchain biological system.

Tokenized resources would then be able to be traded and advanced between stage clients inside Liquid8’s Multi-Asset Wallet, making getting money related administrations and overseeing tokenized resources and crypto resources basic and convenient. The Liquid8 stage will spin around the utilization of brilliant contracts. This guarantees resources executed inside the stage can be precisely represented, without the need of middle people.

Liquid8’s Features

  • Tokenization – The stage introduces a tokenization convention that permits possession privileges of genuine advantages for being digitized, with the goal that they can be exchanged carefully, making an immense range of chances for shared money related administrations.
  • Exchange – The stage offers a commercial center where tokenized resources and crypto resources can be traded between stage clients in a companion topper condition. The shared idea of trades ensures cost adequacy and adaptability, when contrasted and exchanges through customary trades.
  • Lending – The stage offers a loaning commercial center that straightforwardly coordinates borrowers to moneylenders. The distributed idea of Liquid8’s loaning stage, supported by notoriety rating dependent on AI and machine learning, will give borrowers the opportunity to get the most profitable rates, while in the meantime giving banks access to an extensive variety of credit chances to broaden their portfolios.

Global Assets and Their Limitations

Liquid8 is as of now building up a definitive blockchain-based tokenization stage to take the full favorable position of this trillion-dollar opportunity. True resources have numerous wasteful aspects and burdens. Among them:

  • Illiquidity: Real-world resources need liquidity and fungibility, particularly physical resources, for example, land, gold bars/bullions, and collectibles.
  • High least venture necessities: The normal upfront installment for a property is around 20% relying upon locale.
  • Costly exchange charges: The buy or offer of a genuine resource brings about soak exchange expenses, as featured on account of a land exchange being normally 10% or higher.
  • Storage: For a few resources, for example, valuable metals and jewels, possession requires the expenses of safely putting away the thing being referred to. Safeguarded transportation expenses will likewise be figured in if the benefit should be moved between wards.

The Solutions-The Liquid8 Tokenization Protocol

Liquid8 will build up a tokenization convention to disentangle the way toward digitizing genuine resources, with a blend of off-chain and on-chain confirmation of-advantages conventions, to guarantee all benefits submitted for tokenization or posting on Liquid8’s P2P commercial center are approved for their consistency, presence, possession, and esteem.

  • The off-chain convention comprises two components:
  1. Online Off-chain module
  2. Offline Off-chain module
  • The on-chain convention includes the advancement of tokenization savvy contracts and keen resource tokens: blockchain-based computerized tokens that are pegged to genuine resources.




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