Gorecruit Platform for HR Based On Blockchain

GoRecruit is a man-made consciousness (AI) framework for helping little venture administrators and representatives of workforce administrations to settle on HR choices. The framework dissects information from web-based life and openly accessible sources and uses a blockchain-based engineering for information stockpiling.

Over the span of an enrollment procedure, a business faces various difficulties, one of them being applicant assessment. The achievement of any association to a great extent relies upon the general population that works there and a degree to which each representative is powerful at their working environment.

GoRecruit helping process

GoRecruit is an AI enrollment framework dependent on blockchain innovation. Artificial intelligence rates work contender for different positions by examining information from freely accessible sources and interpersonal organizations.

GoRecruit encourages organizations to manage such issues as:

  • Difficulty and workforce of assessing applicants.
  • Lack of trust in hopeful’s expert abilities and employment encounter.
  • Unconscious inclination in competitor evaluation process.
  • Employment imbalance based on sex, national beginning, religious statement of faith, handicap, and so on.
  • High expenses of contracting choices for bosses.


Points of interest of GoRecruit

GoRecruit is skilled to take care of these sort of issues and giving an enrollment specialist bolster in settling on HR choices. GoRecruit can rapidly evaluate a contender for a particular position, utilizing the information from web-based life and open sources, and give a definite report about the consistency of a competitor.

Alongside GoRecruit, a client is given a chance to contrast appraisals of applicants all together with select the most reasonable one. Wellbeing and consistency of information about competitors’ business history are guaranteed by a decentralized information enlist, which safely stores the information with the utilization of blockchain innovation that ensures their unwavering quality.

The primary points of interest of GoRecruit contrasted with conventional strategies for HR basic leadership:

  • Reducing HR benefit costs by improving its execution
  • Reducing the quantity of power Majeure circumstances caused by new workers, because of better introductory appraisal
  • Hiring individuals inclined to specific callings, along these lines enhancing the effectiveness of cooperation
  • Decrease in staff turnover by settling on more educated choices
  • Improving organization’s sensibility by making an all-inclusive database of representatives
  • Providing more open access to new opportunities and taking out the human mistake in a business procedure


Having embraced the exploration and affirmed the theory, we see an open door for reproducing our item on the worldwide market. There are currently more than 3 billion online life clients on the planet, and the number keeps on developing.

The following stage in the GoRecruit venture improvement is the utilization of blockchain for ensuring that each individual’s work records are substantial and secure. It will open up new prospects for blockchain in the field of HR.

GoRecruit will dissect data about past businesses and accomplishments, though blockchain will guarantee that gave data is dependable. These highlights will be particularly important for HR-authorities. GoRecruit will furnish clients with the new potential utilization of cryptographic money in enlistment, and make straightforward, fluid and safe token economy working at a corporate level.

Present GoRecruit Users

Go Recruit is a quickly creating item. The quantity of clients surpasses 470 and keeps on developing. Fundamental clients of the item are organizations utilizing present-day strategies in HR. Through the span of dynamic framework use, GoRecruit has assessed more than 49 000 individuals.

At present GoRecruit is a working item with finish engineering and an arrangement of gathering and preparing information from the VK.com interpersonal organization and freely accessible sources.


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