Neironix- Bloomberg in the cryptocurrency world

Neironix, as a worldwide aggregator of money related investigation for digital money markets, it permits gathering and characterization of the total data into hazard factors, which are translated for the resulting utilization of scoring for ICO and blockchain ventures.

Neironix Project Team includes driving masters in hazard administration authorize with G31000, a worldwide association, which is a worldwide pioneer in the field of corporate hazard administration. The Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis in Decision Making goes about as an outside counselor in the undertaking.

Neironix mission is to end up a worldwide supplier of money related and scientific data about cryptographic money markets, required for settling on precisely weighted venture choices and building long haul advertise procedures.

Points of interest of Neironix

Neironix venture is exceptional as far as total advantages and open doors for cryptographic money showcase players and has no equivalents in blockchain advertise.

Historical record

Right now of its dispatch, Neironix contains a collected scientific database based on occasions in the blockchain advertise. Neironix has manufactured the most significant database managing cryptographic money ventures and monetary data about the blockchain showcase.

Information straightforwardness

The system of Neironix is open, straightforward and gives access to the client to the essential database. It enables one to be sure about the nature of rating and believability of all venture parameters, which empowers the financial specialists to settle on substantiated choices.

Team uniqueness

Neironix can flaunt having a one of a kind group regarding proficient abilities that have gathered immense experience of actualizing fruitful online ventures and working plans of action.

Online information investigation

Neironix framework performs ceaseless information examination and advances the information to extend partners, which empowers the last to settle on deliberately weighted choices.

Neironix creates norms of digital currency advertise

Neironix takes a functioning part in the advancement of digital money showcase gauges. It ensures the organization’s initiative in its market section and contribution of clients in the venture.

Neironix Ecosystem

Neironix Ecosystem depends on the arrangement of instruments? streams of substance and data plan for use in activities with crypto assets and choice of ICO ventures for speculations. The key target gathering of people of Neironix incorporates private and expert financial specialists, and also cryptographic money foundations and ICO ventures.Digital assets are not only a part of modern financial system, but mark a new stage of the global economic development as well. The market of investments in technological blockchain startups is not limited by national boundaries, so a new era of alternative investments has come. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has replaced traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the key investment site of digital economics. All ICO held in 2016 taken together raised $96 million. In 2017, this figure grew to $3.7 billion, while the capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached $372 billion. The reasons behind such high dynamics of increase in investments lie in the dramatically growing number of new blockchain startups and rising interest in investments in blockchain industry

The amount and culmination of data, and also the required arrangement of choices, are controlled by every individual framework client and chose based on their own understanding, hazard resilience (chance craving), money related limit, remaining burden, convenience, and potential advantage. The appropriation of instructive and logical information is performed inconsistency with the picked levy of membership expense.

Advertising revenues

The cost for buy of ad and instructive administrations on the Neironix stage will be framed with the circumstance in digital currency advertise considered. The installment for promoting administrations will be acknowledged in NRX tokens as it were. The quantity of NRX tokens decided for every particular administration is the way to getting this administration. To buy the administrations, the sponsor needs to purchase out tokens either through the savvy contract at Token Sale organize, or from speculators – token holders – in the open market. We are making Neironix a beneficial and advantageous site for publicizing and advancement of tasks, look into advancements, and in addition items and administrations identified with digital currency industry and blockchain innovations. The intended interest group for publicizing, referral and organization programs, and in addition pennant advances will incorporate totally all classes of clients having a place with the intended interest group of any area and showcasing determined by the sponsor. As existing apart from everything else of propelling the beta variant of Neironix web asset, the quantity of target site guests has added up to 3,000 day by day. After the dispatch of finished result, this figure will increment massively because of the remarkable limit of Neironix, the undertaking’s referral program, and boundless open doors for utilizing our diagnostic information. The anticipated profit from publicizing put on our site for digital currency showcase players will add up to $360,000 in 2018 and over $5 million beginning from the following year.

Advancement Strategy

The advancement technique of Neironix depends on the essentials of Agile Marketing? a technique for adaptable arranging of promoting procedures? and depends on refusal from great long haul gets ready for improvement and spending of showcasing spending plan for here and now cycles and in addition the likelihood of acquainting changes with the methodology at any snapshot of time. The organization’s promoting methodology can be separated into 3 primary use articles:

  • Searching for target gathering of people and educating about the item;
  • Transferring potential clients to the fragment of genuine ones;
  • Retaining clients on the stage.

Redresses will be acquainted with every one of the articles based on costs per 1 client, regardless of whether it is client obtaining, exchange for the classification of paying customers, or customer’s maintenance.

NRX tokens

Start of accepting applications for NRX purchase – August 1, 2018.
Start of NRX sale – September 1, 2018.
Close of NRX sale – November 30, 2018.
The sale will be performed via Ethereum smart contract.

Bonus program of Token Sale:

From September 1 to 30 – 35%
From October 1 to 30 – 15%
From November 1 to 30 – 5%

Distribution of NRX tokens

After holding Token Sale and Bounty campaign, NRX tokens will be concentrated in the hands of project
stakeholders in the following proportion:
From September 1 to 30 – 35%
From October 1 to 30 – 15%
From November 1 to 30 – 5%
Sales in the open market (68%),
Project in-house operating fund (7%),
Project founders and team (10%),
Project partners (10%),
Project advisers (3.5%),
Bounty campaign (1.5%).

Fund Distribution : 

Marketing – 30.00%
Development of Neironix platform – 40.00%
Legal services – 5.00%
Hosting for servers and equipment – 5.00%
Project management and team – 10.00%
Contractors – 5,00%
Access to SaaS API – 5.00%

Our Team

Summery :

Ensure Neironix, as a worldwide aggregator of money related investigation for digital currency markets, it permits collection and order of the total data into hazard factors, which are translated for theresulting utilization of scoring for ICO and blockchain ventures. Thats why your invest is very secure and profitable. You can buy Now. Our ico is Running now.

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