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At present the more extensive reception of digital currencies is frustrated by market instability and record powerlessness. Gigzi is a progressive money related framework that tends to these difficulties. By outfitting the overall consistency of valuable metals and using world driving iris acknowledgment innovation, Gigzi gives financial specialists steadiness, security and riches assurance.

Gigzi has been being developed for more than two years. Stages finished incorporating the framework engineering configuration, Smart Contract advancement, and formalization of organization with IriTech. In this manner, at the purpose of dispatch and group deal? Gigzi is just months from conveying the full framework design and usefulness to its clients.

Gigzi will change the manner by which riches is put away, exchanged and ensured. It gives an entire and decentralized monetary framework; enabling clients through money related freedom and security.

Gigzi – Distributed Ledger Technology

Gigzi is a monetary framework that tends to three essential difficulties of digital money: hyper-instability, account powerlessness and riches diminishment.

  • Stability

By bridging the overall consistency of valuable metals, Gigzi secures clients against the flightiness of market changes. Presenting a solid standard of measure, empowering business in tokenized valuable metals.

  • Security

Gigzi uses invulnerable iris acknowledgment innovation for record get to control, through a selective organization with the world driving biometric security organization. Gigzi will empower clients to ensure private keys and rather get entrance with the exceptional setup of their iris.

  • Wealth assurance

By support crypto-resources with unadulterated, unfabricated valuable metals that are redeemable on interest. Metal is sourced solely from an incredibly famous mint with all speculations ensured under the law. Gigzi anticipates riches diminishment.

Three difficulties with digital money frameworks that Gigzi looks to determine

Hyper-instability of cryptographic money

Value vacillation of cryptographic forms of money undermines their capacity to work as a remain solitary cash. Such instability, both miniaturized scale and large scale variances, makes it hard to value products and enterprises, and in this manner restrict the utilization of digital currency for exchange. Along these lines, current practice utilizes an on the spot swapping scale to value products in fiat cash while utilizing digital currency as the installment strategy.

Record defenselessness

Client accounts on the blockchain are anchored by a private key that is combined with an open key. The private key, which is an arbitrarily produced set of numbers and characters, decodes and gives access to the record. The length and incessant utilization of the private key, frequently by ‘reorder’ activities, makes it to a great degree powerless against block attempt by Trojans, Spyware and Malware.

The vulnerability and insecurity of riches put resources into digital currency


Streak crashes have happened which have fundamentally decreased the riches held in digital currency, on occasion, inside merely minutes. Thusly, the digital money itself may likewise wind up cheapened to the degree where not a solitary further exchange is made, along these lines, regarding it out of date.


Ethereum is the stage fundamental the Gigzi biological system; it empowers Gigzi to create and send decentralized applications. The Smart Contract managing the Gigzi biological community can’t be adjusted once sent; it runs precisely as modified. Clients can uninhibitedly take part in the Gigzi biological community by tolerating the proposed capacities and terms of the Gigzi Smart Contract. The Gigzi biological system comprises three center applications that help the Gigzi crypto-resources? a Wallet, an Exchange, and a Treasury.












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