DRIFE ! nexgen decentralized ride hailing platform

DRIFE is a totally decentralized ride-hailing stage fueled by the EOS blockchain with the expectation of engaging quality makers inside our biological community- these incorporate the drivers, riders, and network designers. DRIFE intends to disturb the current plan of action and expel the corporate middle people associated with the exchanges.

DRIFE Ecosystem

At the center of DRIEF biological system are the esteem makers (Drivers) and extractors (Riders) – Drief take a decent consideration of them:

  • Drivers: DRIFE goes for moving the concentration from the current commission-based stages to a decentralized system with another monetary model, where 100% of the passage paid by ‘Rider’ goes straightforwardly to the ‘Driver’.
  • Riders: Passengers get extraordinary elite rebates (T&C applies) when DRIFE tokens are utilized to make installments for excursions. Further, as motivations and rewards when they carry on fittingly amid rides. All the more in this way, inputs on the driver, trips, generally speaking, DRIFE stage utilizes, and arrange building are boosted through the DRIFE token.
  • Developers: A people group of open-source designers is boosted through bug bounties and for other conceivably imaginative in-application advancements that will client encounter through UI communication for the two riders and drivers.
  • Investors: This will incorporate long haul speculators; merchants on both decentralized and concentrated trades and every single future potential the DRIFE token will have because of communication with our item and is adaptability. Impetuses here will include occasional airdrops, self-drops, and air gets.


Over 1600+ digital money stages based on the commence in under a time of the blockchain innovation presently exist. New startup ventures, extraordinary inventive innovations, and enhanced adaptability highlights from the first blockchain have evoked stunningness. Be that as it may, over 90% of these ventures need functional application or utility. The vast majority of them are made as sub-chains or sidechains utilizing the intensity of more proficient frameworks.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralization goes for moving the concentration from a focal specialist to the driver accomplices. With the intensity of the Blockchain innovation, the DRIFE stage endeavors to convey another worldview to the ride-sharing situation and fathom the crowd of issues that have risen up out of the current model of unified business. The development of the stage adds to the goal of DRIFE as well as upgrade the general esteem gave to every one of the partners concerned like driver’s pay, rider’s passage, cybersecurity, and straightforward administration.


Blockchain usage makes a completely auditable and legitimate record of exchanges that is permanent and unforgeable. With an easy to understand interface to get to the equivalent, straightforwardness in installments and passage estimations can be accomplished. We will store information on EOS Blockchain, which will incorporate all the data about the Journey, Each and each suburbanite survey and input will be put away on the dispersed record, Commuters will have the capacity to see every one of the points of interest of drivers.

Symbol of Honor

Not at all like the rating and assessment frameworks utilized by officeholder players, DRIFE acquires an inventive and comprehensive way to deal with check the administrations given by drivers and reward them in like manner.

DRIFE Architecture

The DRIFE engineering consolidates the Governance, Economics, and Technological (GET) framework model to tackle all the previously mentioned issues inside the ride-hailing industry. The GET display envelops a wide cluster of self-sufficient arrangements, and combined with blockchain attributes, it turns into an intense troublesome instrument inside the business.


DRIFE Co-Founder & CEO 

Firdosh Sheikh





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