Sonata ! The only cryptocurrency exchange you will ever need is across the board exchanging stage with long haul benefit both to dealers and holders. Consistent exchanging knowledge with long haul benefit both to dealers and holders. Wherever we looked, we constantly discovered blemishes or disparities where there ought to be only a first-rate fintech item. Horrendous UI, convoluted enlistment process, the absence of fundamental trade highlights or poor effectiveness – these are just a few of the most well-known issues. Sonata, our progressive trade application, gives an answer to these issues and includes a lot of new plans to the amusement.

All coins and tokens in one place

A few trades don’t offer little tokens in light of the fact that these tokens have low liquidity and not every person is keen on getting them. In any case, there is a popularity for trades with a wide arrangement of tokens of various qualities. That is the reason Sonata will offer the lion’s share of essential tradeable tokens. The key exchanging sets included at the dispatch will be Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

AI algorithms predicting price trends

Sonata will utilize a continuous market information and propelled AI calculation to foresee future value patterns. The calculation is counseled with AI specialists who have just made a working model of here and now the expectation for gold spot cost. Artificial intelligence forecast can in no way, shape or form be viewed as the main instrument for educated speculation choices, yet it very well may be an extremely accommodating beginning device for novices in the field.

Promoting Strategy

The mission of the project

With regards to cryptographic money exchanging and trade, Sonata will make progress toward effortlessness and proficiency. Its need to partake in instruction and in the advancement of blockchain advances on a worldwide level. Sonata’s  goal is to acquaint digital forms of money with the overall population, fledgling merchants and internet business organizations that can likewise to a great extent add to the advancement of cryptographic forms of money.

Strategic goal of the project

The primary objective of this undertaking is the advancement of a network confirmed to our trade application. A people group of clients who might exchange together, convey, share their mastery and help one another. When we planned our stage, we concentrated on the adequacy of the exchanging procedure and on boosting pay regarding the present circumstance available.

Showcasing channels

The task will be advanced on proficient correspondence channels that can be utilized to focus on a particular group of onlookers. Beneath, you can discover a rundown of the channels Sonata will utilize. The rundown is neither thorough nor authoritative.

  • Press release: An official statement is an incredible method to illuminate the overall population about the task and its attributes. In addition to the fact that it raises familiarity with the venture and the brand, it likewise enables us to quantify the change rate of guests from data sites.
  • Social networks and internet forums: This is a standout amongst other approaches to accomplish huge reach inside your objective gathering at a generally ease. The preferred standpoint is that they are typically dynamic individuals with a capability of long-haul correspondence.
  • Referral program: These commission programs are increasingly prominent, both with clients who are remunerated if their companions join the program, yet in addition with bloggers, YouTubers, and other substance makers.


Eduard Sedlmajer
CEO, investor


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SONT Token

Purchasing our SONT tokens is an extraordinary venture.  The token will be recorded on chosen digital currency trades. We expect consistent increment of the token esteem because of a liberal advantages for the token proprietors. The greatest advantage is creating automated revenue from exchange charges that will be paid out to the majority of the proprietors. It’s no science, however a basic supply/request condition. The token deal will be partitioned into four phases. In each stage, you can get an extraordinary reward.

Token symbol SONT
Token standard ERC20
Total token supply 500,000,000
Total tokens for sale 250,000,000
Value of token 1 ETH = 1,141 SONT
Currencies accepted ВТС, LТС, ЕТН
Minimal transaction 1,000 SONT
Hardcap $21,000,000
Token sale date October 8, 2018

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